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We established the maiden concrete-steel Deluxe hotel in the chock-a-block lanes of Tabo in 2017.
The obstructive scenic views from tall nearby structures and critical reviews from nature loving guests and travel agents, coaxed us to build a resort close to nature with clear scenic view.
As land is a limited asset in Tabo, being a quality Apple growing area, our scouting succeeded in identifying a vast open site in front of the very first hotel built in Tabo, just beside the world famous sprawling mud monastery complex.
Mud dwelling houses are popular & native to Spiti valley, being a Cold desert, which keeps warm in winter and cool in summer apart from being cost effective with local materials & skill.
Nine Large Mud Huts with generous open balcony, a mud reception kiosk, eight anciently and tastefully renovated decade old popular Hotel Tashi Khangsar cubicles, traditionally attired roof-top multicuisine Restaurant ‘The Mitti’ and secure gated parking comprises the Hotel Spiti Mud Huts in Tabo today.
The hotel, near the Tabo Helipad, is surrounded by Apple orchards, fields of Sweet Peas on the banks of Spiti River, offering an unobstructive view of the mesmerizing scenic holy Tabo, encircled by steep barren eroded Himalayan ranges and a nightly sky studded with Zillions of sparkling Stars.
In this dream valley -land of the Lamas -Buddhist prayer flags flutter, a mummy Lama sits still, centuries old art rocks and stars shoot- dance in dark glory as well as a silent gush of fresh mountain air & a way of life untouched by time, mesmerizes all around.
Welcome to Hotel Spiti Mud Huts Tabo to have an immersive experience of the ancient with the modern, traditional with the contemporary luxury in a serene environ pampered by the unquestionable Spitian Hospitality.